Pierre Danis: Pharmacist, Authorized Injector/Prescriber, Educator

Pierre is Director of Pharmacy Services at Well and Truly RX. He holds a BSc in Immunology and Pharmacy from the University of Alberta. Pierre is a licensee and proprietors agent with license number 6551. He has more than 15 years of experience in pharmacy management and pharmacy clinical services. Prior to joining Well and Truly RX, he worked for a large retail chain managing several busy pharmacy locations. In addition to his management role, Pierre works closely with both the Alberta College of Pharmacy and the pharmacy program at the University of Alberta, mentoring and educating pharmacists in the provision of clinical care. Pierre is an early adopter of clinical services and was one of the first pharmacists in Alberta to achieve both injection certification and authorization to prescribe medications. He knows that an effective pharmacy team and pharmacy clinical services can have a dramatic impact on the care and quality of life of his patients.

Outside of his professional roles, Pierre can be found spending time with his three boys at the hockey rink, soccer pitch, or just relaxing at a campground with his wife and family.

Brittany: Clinical Pharmacist, Authorized Injector/Prescriber

Brittany graduated from the University of Alberta with a BSc in Pharmacy in 2012 and has worked as a community pharmacist in and around Edmonton since then. Her role at Well and Truly Rx involves counselling on smoking cessation, developing and managing care plans with patients, prescribing medications and providing immunizations. She is currently working to become a Certified Diabetes Educator. Whenever possible, Brittany participates in educational events that focus on new treatments and maintenance of chronic conditions that open avenues for discussion with other professionals.

She and her family enjoy many outdoor activities including snowmobiling, camping, and biking.

Sheila: Pharmacy Technician

Sheila is a Registered Pharmacy Technician at Well and Truly Rx. She graduated from Thompson Career College in Kamloops, BC, in 2006 and has practiced in Edmonton since 2008. She enjoys a position with a national organization that provides professional examinations. Sheila served as a preceptor for Pharmacy Technician students and has been involved in training new employees.

Outside of work, Sheila and her family enjoy exploring the province and spending time camping during the summer and fall months.