Ask Your Well and Truly Pharmacy Team – Brittany

Brittany – Clinical Pharmacist, Authorized Injector/Prescriber

Brittany graduated from the University of Alberta with a BSc in Pharmacy in 2012 and has worked as a community pharmacist in and around Edmonton since then. Her role at Well and Truly Rx involves counselling on smoking cessation, developing and managing care plans with patients, prescribing medications and providing immunizations. She is currently working to become a Certified Diabetes Educator. Whenever possible, Brittany participates in educational events that focus on new treatments and maintenance of chronic conditions that open avenues for discussion with other professionals.

She and her family enjoy many outdoor activities including snowmobiling, camping, and biking.

To get to know Brittany a little better, we played the This or That? game with her:

T or T?: Is it snowmobiling or ski doing?

Brittany: Snowmobiling technically but Ski Doo is the best!

T or T?: Camping or glamping?

Brittany: Camping

T or T?: Biking in the rain or biking in the hot desert?

Brittany: Biking in the rain

T or T?: Working hard or hardly working?

Brittany: Working hard

T or T?: Pierre or Sheila?

Brittany: Both : )

If you have pharmacy-related questions you would like to ask Brittany, book an appointment today.

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