Ask Your Well and Truly Pharmacy Team – Pierre

Pierre Danis – Pharmacist, Authorized Injector/Prescriber, Educator

Pierre is Director of Pharmacy Services at Well and Truly Rx. He holds a BSc in Immunology and Pharmacy from the University of Alberta. He has more than 15 years of experience in pharmacy management and pharmacy clinical services. Pierre is an early adopter of clinical services and was one of the first pharmacists in Alberta to achieve both injection certification and authorization to prescribe medications. He knows that an effective pharmacy team and pharmacy clinical services can have a dramatic impact on the care and quality of life of his patients.

Outside of his professional roles, Pierre can be found spending time with his three boys at the hockey rink, soccer pitch, or just relaxing at a campground with his wife and family.

To get to know Pierre a little better, we played the This or That? game with him:

T or T?: Soccer or hockey

Pierre: Hockey

T or T?: Watch sports or play sports?

Pierre: Play sports

T or T?: Camping in the rain or camping in the desert heat?

Pierre: Rain

T or T?: Working hard or hardly working?

Pierre: Working hard

T or T?: Brittany or Sheila? (his pharmacy team)

Pierre: Both!

If you have pharmacy-related questions you would like to ask Pierre, book an appointment today.

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