Ask Your Well and Truly Pharmacy Team – Sheila

Sheila – Pharmacy Technician

Sheila is a Registered Pharmacy Technician at Well and Truly Rx. She graduated from Thompson Career College in Kamloops, BC, in 2006 and has practiced in Edmonton since 2008. She enjoys a position with a national organization that provides professional examinations. Sheila served as a preceptor for Pharmacy Technician students and has been involved in training new employees.

Outside of work, Sheila and her family enjoy exploring the province and spending time camping during the summer and fall months.

To get to know Sheila a little better, we played the This or That? game with her:

T or T?: Kamloops or Edmonton?

Sheila: Kamloops

T or T?: Staycation or vacation?

Sheila: Vacation

T or T?: Summer camping or fall camping?

Sheila: Fall camping

T or T?: Working hard or hardly working?

Sheila: Working hard

T or T?: Pierre or Brittany? (her pharmacy team)

Sheila: Brittany

If you have pharmacy-related questions you would like to ask Sheila, book an appointment today.

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